In the course of my coaching, we develop individual answers to the questions that are in your mind.


Coaching: Implementing Mindful Eating in everyday life



Why do I find it difficult in everyday life to eat the way I want to? Why does the whole issue of eating stress me out and use up so much of my energy? There is a lot of information about nutrition circulating on the internet, in books and in magazines, but how much of it is true? 

In the course of my coaching which flows from the concept of Mindful Eating, I offer the support you need in examining these and similar questions in greater depth and in understanding why they occupy your thoughts. In my work, I combine different disciplines such as nutritional science, nutritional psychology and mindfulness practice to give you a holistic understanding of food and health.

Find your individual eating style

My coaching begins with mindfulness and awareness of your everyday eating routines because, in order to change your habits and attitudes, you must first become aware of them. From this starting point, we then work together and individually to come up with answers to the questions that are on your mind. In the process, we will seek inspiration for how you can organise your personal daily eating routine in a flexible and uncomplicated way. Even taking small steps, you can change a lot, so that your new eating style gradually becomes part of your everyday routine. 


Individuals whom I have coached have succeeded in:


– developing long-term mindful eating behaviour

– reaching and maintaining their desired body weight

– understanding which foods in which quantity are healthy for them and applying this to everyday life

– developing a holistic and relaxed relationship with food and health

– developing a relaxed approach to food in the family and with their children.



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Love your food habits, experience your food moments. Eat your way.



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