Mindful Eating means being conscious of what, how and why you eat.


Mindful Eating: Consciously perceiving eating behavior and body awareness


What are the foods that my body needs and in what quantities? How can I change my eating behaviour? 

Mindful Eating can help you answer these and similar questions. It is not about dieting, calorie counting or restrictions. Rather, the focus is on the interplay of eating habits, mindfulness and body awareness. It is about a relaxed and healthy relationship with food.

Food that is good for you

When, where and how do you eat? What signals does your body send you afterwards? Mindful eating means being conscious of what you eat and applying all your senses, so that it becomes a relaxed and enjoyable experience. This is the first step on the path to becoming aware of your eating habits and developing an individual and intuitive eating style. 


People who apply Mindful Eating in their everyday life succeed in:


– developing a relaxed attitude towards food

– reaching and maintaining their desired body weight without feeling like they have gone without

– having better control over their eating behaviour 

– eating for emotional reasons less frequently 

– boosting their vitality and well-being. 


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Love your food habits, experience your food moments. Eat your way.



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