Mark Guilbert is Founder & Managing Director of MG Business Health Solutions since 1999 and an internationally respected life management expert & keynote speaker. He was a professional roller hockey goalkeeper and Powerman World Series duathlete before he developed his program Energizing the Business Athlete® (EBA) for optimizing personal and organizational effectiveness.

Our cooperation comprises webinars and coaching on mindful eating within the EBA program.      



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 As part of HappyLog's "Dankbarkeitstagebuch Plus“ (ger. "Gratitude Diary Plus") project, I contributed as an author and wrote four impulses on the topic of "Mindful Eating" (part of the "Balance" edition). The founder of HappyLog, Stephanie Fromm, sees gratitude as an essential part of a happier and healthier life. Her Gratitude Diary supports you in experiencing gratitude and in further developing yourself through impulses written by several experts. With my impulses "Mindful Eating" I would like to show you a new and exciting way to integrate mindful eating behaviour step by step into your everyday life. 


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