I want to inspire people to find their own personal eating style and to incorporate it stress-free into their everyday lives.


Food: nourishing body and mind


My name is Martina Gewalt. From an early age I have felt a close affinity with nature and the rhythm of the seasons. Growing up on my parents’ farm near Heidelberg, I became familiar with the sheer variety of seasonal vegetables at an early age and learned how to cook and enjoy them with minimal preparation. As the mother of a seven-year-old daughter, it is important to me to foster a mindful approach to food in the family. I know and understand the everyday challenges that good eating habits pose for families with children, and I am convinced that mindfulness-based solutions can help.

As a nutritionist with a degree from the University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart), I worked for 14 years in research and development at Nestlé, the multinational food company. Because nutrition has always meant more to me than ingredients, nutritional values and the effect on the body, I expanded my knowledge by studying nutritional psychology. My experiences in the field of mindfulness have also proved invaluable to me.


Mindful Eating Inspirations

I founded Mindful Eating Inspirations because I had a vision of sharing my joy about food and nutrition with others. I want to inspire people to find their own personal eating style and to incorporate it into their everyday lives in a relaxed way. As a result of my coaching, clients develop a better feeling about their own body and an enhanced sense of well-being. However, many people shy away from a change because they think they don’t have the time or energy for it in their everyday life. But with the right methods and the fresh perspectives I contribute, it can be very easy to form new eating habits.


Mindful Eating Inspirations gives you the support you need to:


– learn eating habits that you feel comfortable with

– experience everyday meals in a relaxed way

– become more aware of your food 

– understand nutrition in a holistic and sustainable way

– discover your own personal eating style


Do you have any questions about me or my coaching?

Then please feel free to contact me at mail@me-inspirations.de


For me, living my own food style means making conscious and mindful choices based on what my head and body say. 



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